COVID-19 guidance for services at Alert Level 2

  • Sep 02, 2020
  • By Living Green

"Public Health officials have advised that all early learning services and kōhangareo are safe to be open at Alert Level 2, if appropriate public health measures are put in place.

Our experience in New Zealand and overseas with COVID-19 over the last four months shows that it does not infect or affect children and teens in the same way it does adults. So children and teens have low infection rates, they don't become that unwell if they do get infected, and they don't tend to pass the virus on to adults.

At Alert Level 2 it’s now okay to leave home, but we need to do so in a safe and conscientious way. The two key public health principles that support our approach at Alert Level 2 are first to minimise the risk that someone gets infected, and second to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with a person if someone in service is infected. In an early learning environment, it is not practical to have a physical distance between children and adults. Young children require a lot of physical support and it is not possible to explain or maintain a physical distance between young children. This means good hygiene practices are even more important.

It is important that parents fully support this approach by doing their bit - keeping children home if they are unwell and seeking medical advice about whether a child may need to be tested; and ensuring great hygiene practices at all times.

This guidance has been developed to support licensed early learning services to operate during Alert Level 2. It is an iterative document that will be updated as we learn and understand more about COVID-19 under Alert Level 2. We suggest you add the following links to your favourites and check them regularly"

Extracted from the paper at the following link

COVID-19 guidance for licensed early learning services and kōhanga reo at Alert Level 2 files/alert-level-2-guidance-for-early-learning-services.docx